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Friends - I thank you sincerely from the depths of my heart and Soul for all these wonderful changes your generous help is allowing us to achieve! I pray God will bless you and that his love and peace rest upon you and all those you love. Amen!

We do a lot to improve life for communities in need!

Greetings in Jesus Holy name! I am pastor Davis Juma from Western Kenya. I pastor a Baptist church and my passion is evangelism and church planting. With God's help, I have planted 12 churches in Kenya and Uganda. I have also, founded an evangelistic ministry called Gospel Light Evangelical Missions through which I reach different areas of the world for Christ. My greatest challenge is to provide both evangelism and discipleship materials including bibles which people can read and understand to be grounded in God's Word. My greatest desire is to see believers grow and stand firm against the destructive heresies/modern day gnosticism and false teachings that keep them from God's blessings.

Located in Busia, Kenya, almost at the border of Uganda, Gospel Light Evangelical Mission has the daunting task of bringing the Word of God to a population that is not only filled with a number of indigenous tribal religions (about 11% Islam), but also contains over 60 spoken languages in addition to the officially recognized national tongues of English and Swahili. Many local languages are spoken so regionally that to even go from one county to another may pose a challenge in communication. Many of these areas are more poverty stricken than one could imagine (Please see above Video's). But, this is my calling before God and with the generous help of donors worldwide, we are making progress. I invite you to share in this work by making a small donation to assist us in doing the Lord's work. If you have any questions, or want to discuss other ways in which you may help us serve the Lord, please use the Contact Form to communicate with me. I thank you in advance for sharing Christ's love with all those that your help. God Bless YOU!